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SPIRIT is back in Europe!

These images where made during a nice dinner with a big group of friends who came from all over the world, (London, Germany, Abu Dhabi, U.S) to support our big event tomorrow in Rome. The SPIRIT was with all of us to toast to an amazing day tomorrow, the “Ivory Crush”. Organized by “Elephant Action League”
The first Ivory Crush in Rome and the third one in Europe.


Every 15 min an elephant gets killed for it’s Ivory (for the Asian market) babies being left traumatised and not being able to take care of themselves. Time is running out, if we want to safe this species from extinction we need to fight back.

To answer some of the previous questions,

My profession is modelling and though I really love my work, it takes me everywhere and I love to travel and be creative, my big passion is animals, especially animals in need since they cannot protect themselves from human terror.
Through my modelling I also hope to contribute to awareness of animal abuse\ wildlife crime.
And with this event and all the preparations, SPIRIT fits right into this week.

Since my work takes me everywhere it also means it takes me away from my friends and family. But real friendship lasts even though you don’t see each other every week or even months. Now we are all here in Rome together with SPIRIT to be part of this important and historical moment.