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The Take-Off

After faithful preparations …

… the necklace is almost on its way. The jewelry case is ready, the documents are signed, the first address in New York City is confirmed and the press is invited to join the departure of SPIRIT at the airport in Graz. So let’s dress up and wave this 200-diamond piece good-bye.

Hair, Make-up, Dress … and an affectionate fight for the necklace later, we are ready to go! The little ones will stay at home, while more and more people in evening dress, trenchcoats and hats arrive at the departure Gate 9-10.

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  • Take-off …

    …finally it is time. SPIRIT is ready for departure. Everyone from SCHULLIN, as well as all the guests and press wave good-bye while the necklace is on its way to the first friend in the United States. The last tunes of „As Time Goes By“ sung by Katharina Krenn echo at Gate 9-10, while we gather around to see an old Piper take off. The motor roars and we know: the journey begins! May SPIRIT make our friends around the world happy, may it ignite new friendships, and foremost, may it show how much we cherish each and every one of you!