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The Story

Schullin Spirit

A Worldwide Friendship!

The fact that we are all somehow related to one and the other has fascinated the Austrian jeweler Hans SCHULLIN. We grow up with international friends, and friends we know from friends. And as we grow older we meet wonderful people who have met acquaintances of ours on different paths of their lives. Be it a digital friendship or one that has grown since childhood, the essence is always the same: Appreciation and trust.

The project A Worldwide Friendship makes this trust visible. How? The unique necklace SCHULLIN SPIRIT is sent around the world from one friend to another. Thereby, traveling
continents and unknown cities. It will start in New York City where it will stay with a remarkable person for about seven days, then this person will send it to a friend. The only receivers that are known, will be the first ones of each continent. Thus, it could be anyone getting the jewel case.


Around the World…

… in 80 days? No, SPIRIT will need more than that. It will stay with six people on each continent, thus being at least 180 days on a journey around the world. However, it will probably use many of Jules Vernes transportation. It will fly, enjoy a sea ride, it might even be seen on a balloon. What SPIRIT will experience for real, will be blogged in the „The Journey“ section. You might ask yourself how we can be sure of SPIRITS return. Well, we have a profound faith and trust in our friendships. We cherish our friends and their friends. Thus, we will be expecting SPIRIT back in Austria in summer.