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Find out more about Karin

Ever curious about the life and thoughts of the people wearing SPIRIT?
Well, Karin gave us a little interview.

What is your passion/profession? 
My passion is it to read and support people who want to live to their full potential. I love to optimize both things and myself for the better. I guess this is why I ended up as a coach. ☺ I always wanted to become a film director. Instead, I hosted radio shows, worked as a lyricist for various artists, went to film school, worked behind and in front of the camera, and for the last 15 years now, I have supported those (mostly celebrities) who want to learn how to match their inner with their outer image of themselves ( I also have this vague vision of a wonderful, spiritual and luxurious place in the sun, where clear people from all nationalities can come together to create something beautiful for the world. Everybody will be fully committed to the values we all share and LIVE. Don’t ask me where this place is and what this will be like, but when I think of it, it just feels juicy wholesome, vivid and abundant. ☺

What is your motto in life? What’s important to you?
I have this tendency to self-improve, whether I want it or not. I always aim for the best and try to reach my ultimate optimization: more inner-peace, more compassion and more consciousness. Challenging the Ego is the ultimate aim of course.
I believe in love, honesty and self-responsibility. And I strongly believe that if everyone in this world would stop whining about others and instead, would clean and clear their own problems, this world would be a crystal clear place.
And this is what I aim for.

What does friendship mean to you?
A lot. Most of us have had a lot of partners over the years before we have eventually bonded with someone…and, even then, divorce can follow. However, all my very good friendships have lasted. I guess it is because real friends are close enough to truly love and understand each other and far enough away not to get on each other’s nerves… ☺

How often do you meet your friends?
SPIRIT showed me: Every day; at least over this last week. This is a totally new perspective for me because I would have never have thought so. But yes: Nearly every day I meet one of my friends and sometimes more than one at once, to celebrate life.

Who do you trust?
I trust my wonderful Mom.
All my best friends.
I trust in a universal power that connects everything with everything else. “It” doesn’t need to be called God. You could, but it doesn’t matter.
I also always trust that everything will work out fine in the end. (If it doesn’t it can’t be the end ☺)
I trust in love and freedom.
I truly trust in myself.

Thank you so much Karin for being part of this projekt!
Much love from the entire SPIRIT-Team <3