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I was finally able to enjoy my time with Spirit…

…it’s such a cool project and I’m so happy to be part of it.
Here’s the first picture I made of Spirit, which find it’s own spot inside my life and hobbies. I always find it very difficult to write down a presentation of myself, of my interests. I like this picture because is kind of a summary of all my biggest passions (maybe nature and cats are still missing). And Spirit is getting to know all of them with me.


I’m a student like many other. I moved to Germany to study environmental science with big dreams and the hope to be the one who could make the difference for nature, which is slowly dying. Or one of many, in an even better case. Moving away from Italy gave me lots of opportunities, the most beautiful countryside I ever seen and the worst food I ever tasted. But took me also apart from the many wonderful people I have there. Receiving Spirit made me feel somehow connected to all those people who live in a similar situation, in which your heart is always splitted in more than one place.