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Good-bye SPIRIT :(

Your last night in my treasure tree, where you blend in perfectly with the little hearts and colorful elephants collected from all over the world, with my (burglar-friendly) dog Dushi right there to protect you. You have been introduced to my friends, family and pets. Came …

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To resist (isn’t) a Piece of Cake

Temptation can be quite a challenge, sometimes it can even feel like nearly impossible. For my dog Dushi this temptation might just be a little too much of a challenge so before I walk to the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea I put …

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A Worldwide Friendship

I like to move around… It’s not just a normal “like” though. This strong need to experience a new place comes every few years, and (unfortunately for my parents) preferably another country. I found many friendships all over the world, friends come, friends go and some …

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Twinkle Twinkle little… SPIRIT

Here is SPIRIT on my terrace shining bright against the beautiful colors of nature. We don’t get to see this kind of vibrant looking colors often in the Netherlands so SPIRIT was really lucky… Or was it something else..

SPIRIT passing the Castle (Muiderslot).

Many tourist come over just to have a look at this castle, It’s supposed to be a very nice castle… I wouldn’t know though.. never stepped foot inside, Shame on me! Definitely have to take a peak inside this year, especially since I walk by almost …

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A walk in the Dutch fields with my dogs.

No mountains here, even finding a proper hill can be hard, but we have a very wide angle view We do have dikes and dams though, you might not see it clear in the picture but all the way at the end there is a big …

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