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Reunited friends

My dear friend Micheline from Italy visited Berlin together with her husband and their three adorable kids. As kids we coincidently met in a country now called Croatia and became best friends. This is 36 years ago… Because we had to hug you can only assume …

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Cruising around Berlin

The next morning SPIRIT and I were driving through the city (see “Gedächtniskirche” a Berlin memorial ahead) on our way to another birthday child…

Meeting Celina Bostic

That night SPIRIT and I went to see the amazing Celina Bostic in one of Berlins coolest venues. What a beautiful, beautiful concert! Again I was touched by her charming personality and her incredible voice. Of course SPIRIT and I had to congratulate backstage.

Workshop time!

Monika Schubert is a wonderful coach. I joined one of her workshops called “distinctively” and had amazing insights. I finally realized how much I have changed (for the better ☺) over the last three years. What a relief to feel that the hard times are over …

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savoring the moment

The next morning SPIRIT and I took the bicycle to my Turkish beautician Ebru. Afterwards I had a nice time reading a spiritual book in the park. Look how amazing my nails look after having the pedicure!

SPIRIT in Berlin

On its first night SPIRIT went with me to celebrate bestseller author Veit Etzold who invited me to one of his book release events. Veits Thrillers describe crime very precisely and sharp – no wonder the Moon disappeared after a while. When I looked down, he …

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