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Congratulations! You are a very special friend to someone, and therefore a very special person to us too. Now, it is your turn to enjoy wearing SPIRIT for one week. We wish you a wonderful time!

To make the most of your time with SPIRIT follow these steps:

  1. Enjoy SPIRIT! Wear the necklace and sparkle on every occasion.
  2. Take pictures and/or videos of your time with SPIRIT. You may also jot down some little anecdotes.
  3. Send us your material via mail at or
  4. Determine a friend to send SPIRIT to. Make sure she is able to receive the parcel in the days to come but do not tell her what awaits her in detail. Thus, the surprise will be profound. Note: Let SPIRIT travel far but always send it within your country. Our European friends can send it anywhere within Europe (the E.U.). If you are the fifth person on the continent to receive SPIRIT, please send the necklace to the first person of your continent. Then, customs and insurance regulations allow the shipment to another mainland.
  5. Fill in the form below by clicking on the blue button at the bottom of this page.
  6. Now, you will receive a mail with the details of the pick-up service.
  7. Print the shipping document which will be attached to the mail.
  8. Give the parcel to the company at the time arranged.
  9. Call your friend on the day she is supposed to receive the necklace and tell her the code to open the security case.
  10. Enjoy her surprise!

To pass SPIRIT on to the next friend:
fill in this form